End-of-Year Recital – June 5th

All are warmly invited to the SCE students End-of-Year Recital at 7.00pm on Friday June 5th, in the Kelly Barn; 1360 Sumac, North Boulder.  Borealis (3rd-Year Training students) will be joined by students from the Intensive Courses, sharing glimpses … [Read more]

Happy Whitsun!

SCE Ensemble contributing today to the Whitsun Celebration at the Denver Christian Community (2180 S Madison St).  A short program: Pentecost from ACTS from the King James Bible, Si Bheag Si Mhor by O'Carolan, Whitsun Verse by Rudolf Steiner, Quatre … [Read more]

Recurring Donation

It is now possible to make ongoing regular contributions to help SCE (like a monthly or quarterly donation to your local PBS station, for example).  Simply go go DONATE NOW and sign up on the PayPal page to automatically contribute from your PayPal … [Read more]